Storm Water Drainage


Storm Water Drainage


High Quality

All of our products are manufactured from high quality reinforced 40 MPA concrete for maximum strength and durability. Our products are made to last and if you cant find what you are looking for, custom sizes can be made to order. All concrete endwalls are all fitted with “swift lift” type lifting fixtures to enable easy and safe placement. We stock a wide range of  precast concrete products for stormwater, drainage and civil installations.

Delivery and Installation

We offer delivery and can provide assistance with installation. Contact us to discuss your options.

Available Sizes

Low profile endwalls to suit 225mm, 300mm & 375mm pipe are 1000mm wide overall by 600mm high

High profile endwalls to suit 225mm, 300mm, & 375mm are 1400mm wide by 900mm high

Plastic or small pipe endwalls span 1000mm wide but only 500mm high

Endwalls to suit 450mm, 525mm, & 600mm are 1400mm wide by 900mm high

Endwalls to suit 675mm, 750mm, 825mm, & 900mm are 2000mm wide by 1400mm high

High Quality Concrete and Experienced Staff

With over 70 years of experience delivering products and services with the highest standards and a consistent result.